Thursday, February 4, 2010


It has been raining all day, a cold heavy rain, a good day to stay in & sew & create something right? Well most of the time, LOL I have however been working on a few things today, hopefully I'll finish up my snow angel & her snowman today, a few years ago I had an order for my Ladybug wreath & upon looking through patterns I came across a set of the ladybugs I had cut & sewed for a "me" wreath, you know the kind the I'm gonna make "me" one of those one of these days, well the me day hasn't got here yet LOL but I'd thought I'd share how to put it together
You will need:
1 grapevine wreath
assorted flowers/ one sunflower
floral wire
barn red craft paint
black craft paint
hot glue or craft glue

select any flower that is pleasing to you, I used little clusters of white flowers , clusters of yellow fuzzies, & long greenery stems cut to fit to my liking, doing the same on both sides,the lady bug is from a set of metal lady buys that have, tracing the smallest one as a pattern, she is painted a barn red, dots are made using the top of a craft paint bottle, antenna's are made using black floral wire, twisting to the shape of your liking & dabbing a touch of glue on the ends & just poke through the top of her head, let dry & lightly sand,lady bugs are attached by inserting the floral wire underneath the bottom & wired through the wreath, most flowers are just pulled through but if they are in a spot you really like & wont stay then wire them to the wreath

And whaaa Laaaaa you've made a wreath! & who knows maybe I'll get arounf to making me one! LOL

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