Wednesday, April 16, 2014


  for those that do craft shows, are  you ready? how soon  do you start getting ready? how many shows do you do ? for over 15 years I had done six to to nine a year, now narrowing it down to one which  is my huge two day show in Nov. & will do  a few more from time to time if time allows


do you have favorite patterns that you use every year? how much “new”  do you introduce each year? I think JOJO that’s what I named her lol! is one of my favorite raggedy’s to make


one year I got in a hurry making JOJO  & forgot to  add the pattern extensions to her body, she still turned out adorable & became JOJO’s little sister


do you have a favorite pattern company? I’m always on the lookout for new patterns, here are a few links you may enjoy

I’ve noticed through the years that my customers are drawn to Raggedys that come with something like Annie& her  quilted heart 


or Annie with her bear, so I’m making note of that & making sure I have more to offer this year


I have 20 dress’s for this Annie cut out lol! I always try to have everything done, priced & packed a week before Showtime so that gives me roughly around 214 days but when you cut out the weekends that gives around 154 days lol! so I’m taking inventory of my patterns, deciding what would be best to start on first


as I go through pictures of things I made last year, I’m taking note what all has more steps, longer drying time etc. take  the cardinals for example


  • bodies painted & dried ,wings painted & dried then sewn on, eyes painted & dried, then beak painted & dried, then  bead eyes & wings sewn on, lightly grunged, add string for hanging

bagged & priced whew! are you tired yet? lol!


yes they take a little time but so worth it


we’re having crazy weather here so I’m going take advantage of warm but breezy days to work on things that need to dry outside, nothing worse than trying to dry something painted in 100 degree weather, it’s enough to make snowmen melt!


Monday, March 24, 2014


Do you know that ole saying, when it rains it pours? seems like it’s been raining a lot “LIFE” that is, Feb, it was one thing after another with the computer, sewing, uploading pictures anything to do with sewing , you name it  & it went ka pootie lol! then we have March, we had to admit my dad into the hospital & into ICU he went, he is home now but still have a ways to go to being completely well, him & mom are staying at my sisters until he gets back to his ole self again momndad

as far as sewing goes, I am working getting all those post uploaded late as they may be, I am walking away from doing anymore  new challenges till we get mom & dad back home

the wrap dress for the Miss Bossy challenge won by a mudslide with 22 votes to 5 on the others


so I’m finishing that up in-between life's happenings, speaking of happenings, as many of you know I have other blogs & I often ask what you'd like to see more of & encourage you to put your two cents worth in, I guess no one has 2c to put an opinion in but that’s ok I love all my little “peekers” I know they're out there they’re just not making their presence known lol!

blogging may be  a little slow right now but I’ll never be in it for the popularity, I do it because I enjoy it & if life  gets in the way that's ok, blogging is like having company, when someone knocks on the door aren’t we glad to see them? offer them a cool drink? sit on the porch? etc? do we cry if nobody comes the next day? noooo do  we worry that no one will ever come again? noooo, we go about our routine & embrace the next visit because we know all is well!



Monday, March 10, 2014



I can’t stop making these circles lol! can you guess what they’ll become?

Thursday, March 6, 2014


going from  six or so shows a year down to one main two day & on occasion another, this blogs seems to have fallen by the wayside, when I was doing six shows  seems like there was always something to talk about ohh I have lots to say lol!

but often think would they want to hear the same thing that’s over on the other blogs? do they just want crafty related items? now if I try really hard I supposed  I could start making things now instead of waiting  so close to Nov lol, snowmen, Santa's, raggedys, wreaths, wood related,ornies, home decor & so much more could be stretched out to a years worth of posting lol!which I am seriously thinking of jumping on within the next week

I often wonder if my raggedys followers  venture over to Nanna’s Place so they makes me unsure if I should pull in what else is going on with me besides shows & crafting  here, should I give them just a taste to lure them over there like a few weeks ago when I was out of town at my daughters & it snowed, yea Nannas Place got all the glory for that one lol!


I wonder even now am I making any sense lol! I know there are some out there  that just want to read about craft related, throw in DIY from time to time & there are those that are just interested in reading about your life, looking at eye candy of your home,reading your journal if you will lol! & incase you’re wondering  yes I have these same issues with my other blogs lol! if you don’t visit my cooking blog you’ll never know we love having cookie parties


if you never visit my Sitting At His feet Blog, you’ll never know  how Reece came into our lives just a few 9 mo. ago


I said all that to say this, these are not sewing /crafting/tutorial/ show related  & it’s ok if this is the only blog you want to keep up with, it really is, I love you all! so I’m wondering would you like to see more into my life or just Raggedy/ Prim related cause I can do it if I set my mind to it,  I have a list of over 25 craft related items that I’ll be making for show time ,just today I was thinking of going into the  sewing room & making  some pincushions lol! maybe I could start adding a voting poll as to what I should make next for example the poll may say Raggedys, ornies,aprons, the one with the most votes  would be what I make & post along” lol! for 2 weeks or the whole month

hummmm  does that sound like fun? lets ponder that shall we? so come on, put your two cents worth in as to what you’d like to see more of here at Nannas Raggedys N  Prims

Saturday, February 15, 2014


you can click on the pic’s to enlarge them

This past week I was out of town watch my grand's while daughter & oldest grand daughter went to Mexico with Missionary friends of ours , there’s so much to tell & so much posting to catch up on on all my blogs but first let me tell you about my scrappy quilt progress, finally , right? lol!

In my grand daughters room there is an art desk which made the perfect  sewing table LOL


so the sewing of the two remaining rows began & taa daaa!


I had a really good picture of all three holding it up but it turned out blurry, don’t you just hate when that happens? lol! one left me  so Madison & Reece decided they needed to measure it to see show big it was lol!


I’m home now, sure could use that big space to finish it up lol! while I was there  there was snow, lots & lots of snow! so they were out of school for 4 days, lots of snow ball fights, cookie making, helping me sew oh & Hannah sent me to Wal-Mart  that first night & when I came back they’d set me up a surprise birthday party , sweetness!

I was able to work on most of all my challenges but not able to add from her computer so the quilt backing wont happen for at least another two weeks , gotta a whole lot of uploading  & posting to , have till 10 PM  tonight to upload my dress for the Little White Dress Challenge & write a review then all the others

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I recently got an email from a lady asking about  a post I made on Tilda dolls a while back, there was one she dearly loved & had been searching for a pattern


I responded that that there are basic patterns out there & many different ways to make them that I also have a Tilda pattern/tutorial board as well as just Tildas

we all pin most things because they're just cute right? helps us dream etc. lol! it is never nice to make & sell someone's design but if you’re making  something for yourself most things can be adapted, with a basic pattern you can make your Tilda creation all your own


here is a basic body pattern, just scroll down a bit

this is a bigger pic of it on my board if that helps better

click my pinterest button for more Tilda inspirations & patterns

I haven’t made any Tildas just yet but they are on the wantta make list lol! if you keep up with my other blogs you’ll see I’m into quite a lot lol!

Monday, January 20, 2014



That is my thoughts every time I look around my sewing room & think about painting it a different color lol! do you ever  think of changing the color in your room only to have the thought of taking it all down & back up stop the thinking process? lol! it’s a good thing I have plenty to keep me busy enough not to ponder on that thought too long lol! this is week 3 of Karen's after Christmas sew along , I’m working on Angels this week