Wednesday, October 8, 2014


 mercy has it been over  a month since we last chatted? where does the time go? since I’m down to one show a year & once in a blue moon maybe two this poor little blog goes unnoticed, I often wonder if I should just let it die gracefully, then there are day when I want to freshen it up  make it pop! I think half of my followers have abandoned me & I can’t really blame them as there’s nothing exciting happening over here as I often think prims & doll making are the only interest they have when they come here, my other three blogs are always hopping but this one seems to always be at a stand still

back when I was doing over six shows  a year there was always something to do as I needed to work on things all year long so I think one  two  day show has perhaps has made this poor little blog go unnoticed, here it is less than  two months away from my two day Christmas show, there’ll be  whole lotta stuff going down for the next two months lol! but after that? what then? how do you handle your raggedy blog, do you make a little every week along the way, is it the only blog & you share other things?

sometimes I lure you over to my other blogs  just so you can see I’m doing something lol! but there are those  that truly only interested in the dollies etc.& that’s ok I’m just not sure  how to keep this one going with  doing only one show  a year now, ideals would be welcomed!

any ideals how to wow a table? this show has been a great one for me for over the last ten years & always sell nearly everything, this year I want it to  be one of those tables that lures you from across the room lol! I also have repeat customers that are  always waiting for me every year


Annie with her Snowman is one of my top sellers, I just never make enough  so this year there will be more than two, I actually have the snowmen made “somewhere” pg2

I think back how good the bigger Annie's sell & tell myself yea there should be more of those this year


Happy customers

loachapoka07 004

sometimes I miss my Fall shows

loachapoka07 009

while organizing the sewing room I found some UFO’s lol!


speaking of the sewing room I’ve decided to repaint it a totally different color, my sister is giving me a set of curtains that will make it be just  glorious! *hint* “tulle” I’m sure if when I take everything out it will all fit back in lol!

so when you have more than just a Prim/Raggedy blog do you stick with just that theme? do you mix it up with your other blogs, I don’t have these issues in my head with my cooking blogs lol! a few  followers but never any comments but  I look at it as a journal to keep up with recipes so it’s all good, my Ministry blog as well I look at it as a journal to keep up with my notes, events etc.

with just one  show a year with the possibility  of two, what can I do to keep this poor blog alive? I supposedly have 67 followers, surely there is some good advice amongst you somewhere lol!

Monday, August 25, 2014


  she’s not  Raggedy nor  dirty & grungy but she  she is a cutie! have  you seen the Tilda dolls that are all the rage on Pinterest? I have a whole board dedicated to her lol!but haven’t had the time to actually make one, she  just has that look that makes you wantta make one doesn’t she? well here’s your chance to make one & get one to boot! Lydia's Treasures is having a Tilda swap over at



Saturday, July 19, 2014


It's That Time Again!

This past week a wonderful party's been going on  & still going strong where bloggers are showing off their sewing & crafting spaces over at

I didn’t have time to join in this year , but I did take the tree  with all my Christmas ornies down & bought a slim line tree  to decorate later, I have big plans for  a lot of changes like trying to figure out  how to keep it all & still add a 6 ft. table  , recover the swivel chair, the color red is calling me for  the walls but we shall see how that goes, I mean that’s a lot of stuff to take down! lol! as you can see there’s not much wall space as far as arranging stuff & a bay window  which lets in lots of light  which is good if you wantta be hot lol! it needs a soothing color, any ideals?

I’ve been at my daughters all week making aprons for  a friend of mien who is a Missionary to Mexico, they are  gifts for staff that run the bakery, the school etc. which I will post  pictures  later this week,meantime as I comment of the  “Where Bloggers Create party I thought I’d share  last years pictures as they my click my name & come on over lol!

Welcome to Cooking At Home Together,do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share with us ?

Friday, July 11, 2014



Tomorrow's the big day over at My Dessert Cottage where bloggers will be linking up showing off their sewing spaces, ideal's, inspiration, so grab a cup of coffee, tea, snacks, get into your comfort zone & lets get ready for lots  & lots of beautiful eye candy tomorrow, I think I have time for one cup before everybody shows up lol!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Oh my goodness! my sweet friend Maurine sent me a load of patterns & when I seen the big momma with her baby & big ole goose on the top …..


I bout squealed like a sissy girl lol! I have this pattern but I lost it, then found it got it all cut out   then the house ate it again & I’ve been thinking about it for a while, so I was excited to see her in the mix of all the sweet patterns

there’s not been much time spent in the sewing room lately,life has kept us busy with grand babies ball games, graduating  daycare, kindergarten, keeping a check on my parents, dad is in the early stages of dementia & mom doesn’t get around as good as she use too, we’re getting ready to under go some major changes of much needed repairs to the house,, tomorrow night we’re going to a nieces high school graduation out of town , then come home , pack & get ready to go out of town to a ladies conference for the weekend & the list goes on & on

I came across Sweet Bear Creek Whims Blog & she  has a fantastic tutorial on how to paint a black doll that looks very interesting, I’ve made several black dolls  but I think I may give her method a try, I’ve never attempted to do painted eyes so I’m kinda excited!

Belle semi closeframed[1]

be sure to check out her blog & other patterns

you can also follow her on Facebook

I miss making my Fall babies, I don’t think they’d sell at my Christmas show yet it’s funny how  the Americana ones will sell even at Christmas

PicMonkey Collage9

I usually don’t start preparing for my Christmas show till around October but since it’s the only one I do now I’m thinking of clicking my heels together


and getting started next week, making sure there’s no  UFO’s holding up the possess,ready02

making sure there's  an abundance of supplies & knowing where my patterns are lol!

I found this cute guy on Pinterest just the thing for my Christmas in July theme

Christmas In July Pool Party | Check out these fabulous Christmas in July party ideas:

so far June looks  to be a clear month  but I’m sure that wont last long lol! it’s not quite here yet & already I’m excited about all the ideas I have for Christmas in July lol!


Sunday, April 20, 2014




AS you celebrate Easter, also celebrate Life & the one who gave you life, For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


  for those that do craft shows, are  you ready? how soon  do you start getting ready? how many shows do you do ? for over 15 years I had done six to to nine a year, now narrowing it down to one which  is my huge two day show in Nov. & will do  a few more from time to time if time allows


do you have favorite patterns that you use every year? how much “new”  do you introduce each year? I think JOJO that’s what I named her lol! is one of my favorite raggedy’s to make


one year I got in a hurry making JOJO  & forgot to  add the pattern extensions to her body, she still turned out adorable & became JOJO’s little sister


do you have a favorite pattern company? I’m always on the lookout for new patterns, here are a few links you may enjoy

I’ve noticed through the years that my customers are drawn to Raggedys that come with something like Annie& her  quilted heart 


or Annie with her bear, so I’m making note of that & making sure I have more to offer this year


I have 20 dress’s for this Annie cut out lol! I always try to have everything done, priced & packed a week before Showtime so that gives me roughly around 214 days but when you cut out the weekends that gives around 154 days lol! so I’m taking inventory of my patterns, deciding what would be best to start on first


as I go through pictures of things I made last year, I’m taking note what all has more steps, longer drying time etc. take  the cardinals for example


  • bodies painted & dried ,wings painted & dried then sewn on, eyes painted & dried, then beak painted & dried, then  bead eyes & wings sewn on, lightly grunged, add string for hanging

bagged & priced whew! are you tired yet? lol!


yes they take a little time but so worth it


we’re having crazy weather here so I’m going take advantage of warm but breezy days to work on things that need to dry outside, nothing worse than trying to dry something painted in 100 degree weather, it’s enough to make snowmen melt!