Sunday, June 7, 2015


 I think I’m getting a  clear picture as to why this blog  didn’t get much action, as I went through my follower list over half has not blogged in 2-3 years, many no longer follow me “sigh” so I’ve taken a deep breath & looked at this blog a little closer, with show time a dew months away there’ll be lots of cutting, sewing, stuffing, painting, staining, & messy days ahead but first I think I’ll jumpstart this blog with linking up to Where Bloggers Create

in just a few weeks it’ll be time for My Dessert Cottages 7th Annual “Where Bloggers Create” party, just in time to show off the new sewing room, you would think having  a bigger space would be easier to decorate but it’s like I have too much space, is that possible? lol!


but I’m filling it up quick , I don’t quilt  that much but after seeing so many pretty design walls I felt the need to need one, use up space don’t you know lol!


I even have room for a cutting table now!


my raggedy  memorabilia went up high, with the help of my daughter a safe place for little hands that don’t understand why they can’t hold the baby's lol! having a tall daughter that will stand on a ladder is a good thing lol!


another good thing with so much space I have room for a sitting area , I’m working on that blank wall!



be sure to save the date for WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE July 11th

I will be linking up with My Desert Cottage  for Where Bloggers Create from  my blog NANNAS PLACE

Monday, February 23, 2015


the juries still out on this blog but in the meantime I’ve been playing around with pictures of the sewing room, putting them in a collages

PicMonkey Collage000

 PicMonkey Collage0001

PicMonkey Collage0002

Monday, January 26, 2015


Why is it hard to let go? why  & what do we hold on for? I’ve given this blog a lot of thought & I do love it but now that there’s only one to two shows a year to wow you with  seems like that’s not enough to hold your interest as I haven’t been able to work year round on stuff like I’d like too & if I did would it really matter? with show time being ten months away what is there to say here at nannas raggedys n prims? as you’ll see over at Nannas place I’m into everything just not doll making just yet , if I choose to close this  blog I’d hope you’d join me over at nannas place where you can still keep up with what’s happening as we are in the process of moving into a 3000 sq. ft home in just a few weeks & you should see the size of my new sewing room!  just letting you know where I stand with this blog, there’s a part of me that says let it go I can always put my raggedys etc on the other blog & there’s another part of me that can’t let go

Machine Embroidery Designs at Embroidery Library! - New This Week

Thursday, January 1, 2015


 The sewing rom will be getting a new look for the new a year, out with the yellows & in with rich greys, blacks & maybe teals, not sure which color to pull in  just yet,  sister gave me  sets of black/white Tule curtains , that’s what sparked  the new look with the grey walls, I have thought about red as well,there’s  a saying “less is more” but what can I let go of hummm nothing! lol! there are many projects going on in other rooms of the house so the sewing room will take a while but in the meantime I’ll be working on things like recovering  the swivel chair, making a table ironing board, you know, prep work! & back to sewing

out of all the sewing spaces I have pinned don Pinterest this one draws me the most

sewing craft room ideas

she gives you step by step  tutorials on everything she has done in her sewing room


I also love the freshness of whites

Cottage Style Craft Room Tour


aww to have this much room!

love this sewing room

is this what they mean by less is more lol!


did I mention I love red?  would that be too much with blacks/whites?

Another ida for a crafting room

do you have a favorite color  for the sewing room? is there a dream studio that you just awe over, any ideas how to make my space bigger? at least the illusion of bigger? lol!

MY SEWING ROOM ‘when it’s clean” lol!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014




my daughters kitten thinks that all bags belong to her, she loves to curl up in them , I had one filled with things that just needing a little tweaking here & there like this Annie that she pulled out of my bag , we laughed so hard at how she looked like she’d just fell out lol



as you can see Annie survived Miss Lucy  lol & made the show, she was my first sale! 




my daughters table was so cute , hand painted Olaf mugs, little boy ties, bath bombs, clip boards, jewelry etc.




we both did so well we thought it only fitting to go by Bath & Body after the show, with a sale like that how could we not , we were in lotion heaven! & yes we brought  a lot of that heaven home with us lol!


now it’s time to get back to sewing, there’s  a Cardigan waiting to be finished, there lots of new fabrics that’s been added to the stash, I came across a blogger  that said she sews her muslin with a  basting stitch then takes it all out & sews it once it’s tweaked & just right as apposed to making  a muslin that can't  be taken apart resulting in making one after another, this method sounds like a good idea to me

Thursday, November 13, 2014


little bear says he's ready to go


but he is worried that brother wont make it, he just can't seem to get himself together


have you ever had one of those days where you lose stuff faster than you can find it lol! everything I lay down seems to disappear! things still need packing up I need packing up lol! ohhh the mess that awaits me to clean up when I get back home after this weekend lol!