Monday, January 26, 2015


Why is it hard to let go? why  & what do we hold on for? I’ve given this blog a lot of thought & I do love it but now that there’s only one to two shows a year to wow you with  seems like that’s not enough to hold your interest as I haven’t been able to work year round on stuff like I’d like too & if I did would it really matter? with show time being ten months away what is there to say here at nannas raggedys n prims? as you’ll see over at Nannas place I’m into everything just not doll making just yet , if I choose to close this  blog I’d hope you’d join me over at nannas place where you can still keep up with what’s happening as we are in the process of moving into a 3000 sq. ft home in just a few weeks & you should see the size of my new sewing room!  just letting you know where I stand with this blog, there’s a part of me that says let it go I can always put my raggedys etc on the other blog & there’s another part of me that can’t let go

Machine Embroidery Designs at Embroidery Library! - New This Week

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