Thursday, January 1, 2015


 The sewing rom will be getting a new look for the new a year, out with the yellows & in with rich greys, blacks & maybe teals, not sure which color to pull in  just yet,  sister gave me  sets of black/white Tule curtains , that’s what sparked  the new look with the grey walls, I have thought about red as well,there’s  a saying “less is more” but what can I let go of hummm nothing! lol! there are many projects going on in other rooms of the house so the sewing room will take a while but in the meantime I’ll be working on things like recovering  the swivel chair, making a table ironing board, you know, prep work! & back to sewing

out of all the sewing spaces I have pinned don Pinterest this one draws me the most

sewing craft room ideas

she gives you step by step  tutorials on everything she has done in her sewing room


I also love the freshness of whites

Cottage Style Craft Room Tour


aww to have this much room!

love this sewing room

is this what they mean by less is more lol!


did I mention I love red?  would that be too much with blacks/whites?

Another ida for a crafting room

do you have a favorite color  for the sewing room? is there a dream studio that you just awe over, any ideas how to make my space bigger? at least the illusion of bigger? lol!

MY SEWING ROOM ‘when it’s clean” lol!

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