Tuesday, August 18, 2015



Jan may seem far away but as fast as time can fly it’s actually around the corner, time to stock on fabrics, see what you got, what you need & throw in what you want in the mix lol!


I am in love with Kim's Whims Annie's & prims patterns, Mrs. Margaret Mary has stolen my heart along with other great patterns I can’t wait to get my orders in!


be sure to visit KimsWhims where you can  order some great patterns, I know I am!


it’s been a rainy day here today , great for sewing, if I had the time!  time is ticking!

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Sept. will be my kick off for Showtime & get this sewing party started! can’t wait to pull out my all time favorites & best sellers

JOJO                                                          MEMORIES

JOJO  memories

ZOE                                                                       SNOWMEN


ANNIE & HER SNOWMAN, I had 2 ladies wanting my last one last year


I’m thinking of having less variety this year like trying to have 30 different Annie's but more of the most popular, what do you think? one thing I’ve learned is not to think too much or there wont be much sewing going on lol! oh  well I’ll update you on all the happenings around here soon! we’re moved in & almost settled, but Terry has some health issues right now that we’re dealing with, I’ll talk to you more about that later & hopefully the start of Show season!


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