Monday, June 21, 2010


Who knew you could have so much fun at a quilt show LOL, a few Sundays back there was a big quilt show held here, hubby was reluctant at first, with a lot of awww isn't that a girlfriend get together kind of thing LOL I encouraged him that it would be a glorious evening, after church we'd go to the quilt show then for a bite to eat oh what joy! he wasn't feeling the joy LOL but in the end I noticed a few smiles LOl he even voted on his favorite quilt LOL there were way too many quilts to take pictures of them all but I gave it my best shot! LOL, this is the set up at the front dor as you came in, I had to get the picture from the other end or else I'd had to stand outsie to get it all LOL

then right before you round the corner to where all the quilts were , there was this one that was being raffled off for $1.00, they said there is another quilt show in Birmingham Ala so the winning number wont be chosen till Dec. well one cold lose the ticket by then LOL

quilts, quilts quilts everywhere you looked, there were the kind you'd find on your grandmother's bed,
some told a story, the lady who made this quilt told me all about her village in Africa, the one below it had a note of how the quilt was designed for a friend who had cancer

look at the detail on these appliqued quilts, some simply a work of art

there were those that were unique & just plain cute I thought this one made from blue jean pockets was unique
this one was Terrys' pick to vote on , he said it reminded him of stick people LOL

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I normaly post blue monday on Nanna's Place but thought you'd enjoy the quilt show & if this is your first visit to Nann's raggedys-n-Prims ,we're gald you came


Prims and Annies said...

Beautiful quilts - sounds like you and hubby had a great outing at the quilt show. My favorite is the quilt with windows - the dimensional effect. Thanks for sharing the pics. Maxie

Anonymous said...

Nanna, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

I loved going to this quilt show with you. And the internet affords us the opportunity to visit and meet new friends from all over.

Have a great week...
Now to check out your other blog!
How do you do it??? ...Karen

TeresaM said...

Looks like a great day!!!

Pam said...

What a wonderful collection of quilts. Love them all but I agree with your DH the black and white one is lstunning.