Friday, July 16, 2010


Seems like poor little ole Nanna's Raggedy's & prims has been getting neglected lately LOL, I've been so busy over at Nanna's Place with making jellies, going to the Zoo with the grands, joining book challenges,working on items for my upcoming shows, have you visited our other blog ohh sorry this is about Raggedy's & prims LOL so here's some of the Americana I've got going for my shows

these pillows take a whole bag of stuffing, you know how many Annie's you can make with one? LOl so their mate will have to wait closer to show time, I will have 30 or so of the 10" /15"/20"/ 25"/ & a set of 36" each in traditional & brown tones of the traditional Annie's/Andy's, lot of nakies over here LOL

flag pillows & mini Americana pillows, they're more grunged than they look in the picture, the long pillows are always good sellers for me, the're just right for that special touch in your decor or have your Annie hold in her lap, the Minni's are great fill In's, looks good on a tree branch too LOLstars! stars! stars! I always sell out of all of these, I will be doing some in Christmas prints this year as well

the rag balls usually do well, I'm making an extras set of the Americana themed then the others are prim/country colors

I'm also finishing up 2 Americana wreaths, a rag quilt & Annies & Andy's, this month has been so busy with going going going, I've got a lot of "sewing" catching up to do, a freind called for me to sing at her brothers funeral for today so I've been gone most of the day & now I'm too tired to sew LOL,we're having our 7th grand baby Thursday, whoo hoo! after 12 years of 6 girls ,finally a boy!!!!! yep! a boy!!! goodness he will be spoilt , so much for sewing next week LOL &Aug isn't looking no slower LOL LOL I will be pulling a lot of all dayers & all nighters LOL LOL, I have a good start on show stuff, just got to get back on track!

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