Saturday, September 18, 2010


Up all night with Heidi over at
I didn't get as much done as I had planed having to stop midstream & help a friend move, with my first show less than a week away I will be pulling quite a few all nighters LOL I had finished these earlier , some of the stars need a good grubbying

a little more tweaking needed on theses babies

got a lot of sorting done in my little den, rabbits, barn cats, raggedys, there's crow pies on top & underneath it all there's wooden parts for snowmen wreaths & saltbox houses lol

projects for when I'm in the living room LOL candy corn,Annie body parts, two with snowman & 2 with crows , I'm not sure but I think I'm accumulating more UFOs LOL


Wendy said...

Love the stars, LOVE the bunnies!

Prims and Annies said... sure have been busy...I love all your items, but my favorite is the rooster on the pillow. Hope you sell lots and lots of prims at your show...then you would have to come home and start over LOL. It feels good to sell it, I try to have at least 50 dolls and usually come home with 10 or less, so it is a litte overwelming to have to start from scratch again. Wish I lived close enough to attend your show.
Have a great show!