Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This year I pulled items from 3 trees that I put up every year, added a few new items & came up with a peppermint themed tree for our church Christmas dinner party this year, I will post more pictures on my Nanna's blog this weekend, not sure why the candy canes turned out pink, I'll take more pictures before I take it down & Lord help me but I'm still in the sewing room & I'm about ready to turn it into something else LOL but we are making progress so I think I'll take a break, go shopping , get my hair cut & maybe a little something for me lol

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nancy huggins said...

What a cute little tree...gave me an idea on how to decorate a little tree I just won in a give away but I will just use the tiny candy canes since that is all I have on hand.
Thank you for sharing pic of your little tree :)