Tuesday, February 15, 2011


when you don't see me on line for over a week you know somethings not right LOL & to miss my own birthday my my! lol, I saw no one but my sweet sister(Picket) who knocked at the door & said just reach for your present lol hubby did come home with yellow roses, he even let me sleep in his recliner all week,sweet sweet man!LOL I will post B'day present pic's soon, sister got me the sweetest apron! speaking of aprons I have a few that I'm just itching to make from the links I found a few weeks back, I'm itching to make pillowcases with that beautiful fabric I bought way back when just for that project yea yea go buy two for the price of one but sometimes it just feels good to say I made that! LOL be sure to visit all three blogs to get all the updates on what's happening over here at Nanna's, I am thankful to have good friends that lifted me up in prayer, even those who were scared to come over lol, remember the 13 aprons for my granddaughter's B'day party? now there's talk in the air of possibly 6-8 Snow White dress's for my twin granddaughter's third B'day party coming up in a few months & noooooo I will not attempt that in one day like I did the aprons LOL LOL so if all goes well there should be a lot fo fabric flying over here but nice & slow don't want to throw the new machine into over kill LOL

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