Tuesday, April 5, 2011


OR IS IT? LOL The Ala. Women's Conference was fantastic! five grown women, five grown women's suitcases, five grown women's garment bags, pillows, ...you getting the picture? LOL all crammed in my Van & off we go! lol,my pastors wife's grandmother met up with us there, she is so dear & so precious that I've adopted her lol before the conference me,my pastors wife & her mother went up to help "gran ma ma" lol with her computer, well long story short the UPS man didn't show up like he was supposed to that first day so we had to spend the night, then phone company well you get the picture? yep a day trip turned into a two day spend the night party LOL ohh the joys & the fun we had around the piano ,teaching her & me to play Yahtzee, dragging out all her beautiful quilts that she'd made, I was often MIA as I wandered outside taking pictures of the lake,old buildings her dad had built years ago, birdhouses even her little ole wild flowers lol here is sweet little ole gran ma ma ''Annie Lee" with one of her prize quilts

the fun here at Nanna's is far from over LOL it's now time to prepare for our Mother/Daughter banquet then that following weekend out of town with my pastors wife to decorate for her sisters wedding, I think I can breath in June, not sure yet LOL then it picks back up in Aug setting up an outdoor wedding, our ladies conference, my calendar looks like a coloring book I kid you not LOL

Now what about sewing you ask humm well tonight I have to open the fellowship hall & help one of the ladies set up for a Tupperware party but I am determined to get to some much needed sewing now that my new computerized machine knows who does the sewing I kid you not it has a mind of it's own, course trying to sew on the quilt options doesn't help me look too bright LOL LOL

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