Thursday, August 18, 2011


 Do you ever find things to get into or do they find you? LOL I’ve been trying to find things to get into in a few weeks while  hubby is out of town lol I came across a  lot of sites for making rag rugs, 

anybody ever make one & have a good link to recommend? I will more than likely work on my quilt that I’ve been working on for ages if it’s not finished by then, which I hope it is, being so busy since the tornado, there’s lots of jellies  to be made, freezers full of peaches, grapes & wild blackberries so that should keep me busy for a day or two lol


I’m working hard on getting that sewing room where it doesn’t make me scream, anybody got any ideas there? I painted it what I thought was going to be a soothing yellow but it is not a calming  atmosphere to me lol the big plans are to have everything caught up inside & out  & have a week of living in the sewing room , movies, good books, long bubble baths,get my toes done, yea yea dreaming right?  I wont have to find things to get into, they will find me LOL


jamie said...

Hey, I love your site. I to love Prims. I think I have a pattern for the rugs , I'll have to look.I have been teaching my self how to can. Iam surprised at how many differnt states offer classes , not here in Florida. So I search the interent. I'd love to get copies of your recipes , If you share. I"ve made so many that were too tooo sweet. . Iam having problems with my carrots they are turning out to soft any ideas.. Thank you ,,,jamie

Prims and Annies said...

Hi...I don't have any links to rag rugs, but I did want to thank you for sending me the links for crab apples. I am going to use the recipes that use the whole crab apple...I think they will be so pretty in a quart jar...I hope they will hold their color...we will see. I will post on my blog when I finish them.
Thanks so much,