Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Quilters Ten Commandments

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Quilters - Fun Stuff!

Thou shalt not do buttons.

Thou shalt sew 1/4" seams.

Thou shalt leave no bolt unturned.

Thou shalt not rip - only un-sew!

Thou shalt not envy they neighbors stitches.

Thou shalt never pass a quilt shop.

Thou shalt cook and clean but once a week.

Never quilt tomorrow what you can quilt today.

Thou shalt not covet they neighbors stash.

Thou shalt not reveal funds spent on quilting supplies.



There’s about to be some serious sewing , stuffing, paintin,grunging, sun baking, hair raising, crow flying fun happening over here lol

Handmade by Heidi


Fri. night sew in Sept.16th go by & sign up & get ready to sew sew sew!

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