Friday, December 9, 2011


Well I attempted  drying those orange slices  in the oven, went by exactly how the site said, but some still burned, I think I got some too thin & some too thick, I may redo  more later or just go with these for now & finish decorating this little tree


meanwhile this morning I tried my hand at making the brown sugar scrub, now to find the perfect little jars & ribbons, only is it supposed to look like wet sand??? LOL


& I’m off again! finishing up the church decorating then back to my friends to finish decorating her shop for her open house tomorrow, I was there yesterday from 8am-8pm whew! still much to be done, can’t wait for my free day that’s coming up on my calendar ohhh it’s sooo close! LOL

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Friendship Crossing said...

I would love to learn how to dry orange slices~ I have a big bowl of them sitting around not getting eaten. Would you mind telling me what site gave you the directions??
Your tree looks adorable!!