Monday, January 2, 2012


Have you seen or heard of this magazine?

it is a free downloaded primitive magazine which can be downloaded here can open it & check it out before downloading, you can also go into the archives & download any past issuesyou wouldn’t even have to download them, just put in your favorites & browse at your convince

I also came across free patterns of prayer lap quilts 

Pinned Image say…big enough to cover up with, but not so long it will get caught under a wheelchair or a hospital bed rail. It is small enough to transport easily, but big enough to hold all those "knots of prayer" and to snuggle under.

also you can get in on a quilt challenge if you like to quilt over at

like to make aprons? Tie One just posted pictures of the Autumn Leaves challenge & will be posting a new apron challenge  soon did one of these challenges a few years back & enjoyed it, here’s my apron I did apron02 speaking of aprons, remember the pattern I was working on that I found here

I found my tan fabric that got lost in the sewing room LOL!that I was going to use for the skirt & ties, this is the bib, I have 2 ready to be finished, if I don’t keep one for myself they’ll be packed up for my upcoming 2012 shows lolufo06

so what are you getting into for the New Year, I actually had paint in my hand to be mixed at Lowes today but the sales girl never would come to the register & after they paged  her about 4 times I said forget it, I’ll find something else to get into today & put it back

whatever you choose to get into this month, remember  to say…..


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