Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This is going to be  a great year, I can just feel it, especially in the sewing room! going through pictures I thought of which Annie's etc. I want to bring back in 2012, this beauty was my most popular with three request for her

pinkann02Snow Angel was I believe my  absolute favorite to make in 2011

 Snow Angel

Annie & her Snowman was a delight to make, she is a You Are Special pattern, I have  a lot of Sandy’s patterns that I will introduce into the new show season

Annie's Snowman

the next few months I’ll be busy , culling out, tweaking, redoing etc around the house, no orders  for now, I actually turned done down last week, imagine that! LOL! but these are things that's been a long time  coming, I’ve had a few friends actually gasp when I mentioned packing up the sewing room LOL but there’s 2 walk in closets in there, one is my sewing closet but can’t tell it with all the clutter lol anyways it’s to be all pulled out so it can turn into a fabulous closet for hubby it will go from this newsew02to this  Mens closet

so that’s what I’m working on in between all the tweaking& making sure I have plenty of supplies, fiberfill, muslin, threads, paints etc& taking time out for just for me projects LOL so I can start on the new show season full speed ahead

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