Monday, March 12, 2012


whatever do you do with yourself when there’s a blank space on the calendar, not only one but seven, I kid you not every month  20 something squares outta 30 has something to do in them ~lol~no special events at the church this week, no birthday parties, nothing or nobody to decorate for or sew for, nowhere to go or to be, hubby’s on midnights so he’s sleeping which makes for a quite   house

well I tell ya, looks like the sewing room might get finished this week lol, I found my pattern the other day, been trying to make her for a year ~lol~1cd2_12

I think I have enough cans now to create this for my sewing room  

Tin Can Caddy

I plan on finishing my quilt this week & planning  a visit with my sweet little Aunt & show her I finished it! ~lol~


so much to get into this week, so I’m off to get started, see you tomorrow for day two!

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