Sunday, March 18, 2012


one day out of seven not to be a clear week’s not too bad lol how could I pass up going to the zoo with all my grand kids lol! but I did finish a project I was working on when I got home this has a been a fun & productive week & just plain fun to make fun stuff for no rhyme or reason, Create

there’s still a few more things I want to make for the sewing room but will have to work on other things this week, I will meet with some of the ladies of my church & we will  sew more dress’s for Little Dresses For Africa  dress01

I’m still looking for a dollie for my lazy Susan, but guess I’ll use my over sized one for pictures sake, cause I know you’re waitin! lol!

only two weeks left in this month, the end of Sept. will be be here sooner than I think  ~lol~(1st show) so April will kick off  some sur nuff sewing! ~lo~

remember my list? well I’ve made another one, a supply list ~lo~I want to make sure I have plenty of supplies when I get started, there’s nothing worse than being in the middle of something & run out of thread or fiberfill , paint etc.

*muslin *fiberfill *threads *buttons * sand paper* yarns *paints *glue sticks *cinnamon * tea bags* shoe polish *rusty bells * jute *elastic ********get the picture??? ~lol~

a new organized sewing room  will make for happy sewing!


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Kady said...

I saw some of your creations on Pinterest and wanted to visit your blog. I just signed up to follow. I love your things.