Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sorry I’m late but, have you ever had your computer tower eat your  camera chip? LOL what a mess, unplug everything & 1/2 the screws & sake & shake some more & finally out it comes, it took a while or the tower to work right too , must of traumatized it, LOL ,anyways I worked on the sewing room a little today, sorted buttons, getting all the whites,creams & clear together , it just seemed the thing to do LOl!


I must remember not to sew when I can’t think lol, the bags are turning out great, the first one I turned  right side out it was sewn all the way around  & I thought what the heck! so I put the lining inside bag #2 & pull out the hole & it did the same thing after fighting with this for 30 min to dawns on me to poke the lining down in there & waa la! mercy! 


needless to say I wasted too much time letting it beat me down to finish them, but all is not lost, we are all going to my pastors wife grandmothers for  a sew date to work on the Little Dresses for Africa, she’s about 2hrs away so we may turn it into a spend a night sewing party, the ladies didn’t know anything about the bags so they’ll still be a surprise

have you ever tried tinting mason jars  ? look sweet don’t they?

http://www.momtastic.com/diy/168908-diy-tinted-mason-jars-in-rainbowI am going to tint mason jars and place a votive candle inside, then hang them in my yard off a clothes line. :)

 tomorrow there'll be lots of sewing going on in the morning at the church , there will be three new faces joining us for sewing the pillowcase dresses for Africa


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