Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Once I get past all the busy, oh wait, I don’t ever get past that point lol the sewing room is still screaming at me but I believe I’ve  finally got a handle on it,poor things been last for so long as this week, my garment for the “I will wear it in public challenge is due tomorrow so there’s lots of sewing going on over here,but before i get to finish that project i got to help out a friend in need then another tomorrow, then my daughter fri.ok back to the sewing room,curtain rods have been bought & ideas for the windows are in motion


Maurine Huffines said...

I don't believe a word of it.. so on to bigger and better things.
Sewing room will NEVER get finished.. you know it and so do I .....

uyou know who !!

Nanna said...

you so funny! lol!, I didn't believe it myself for a long time lol but I'm beginning to see light at then end of the tunel!