Monday, June 25, 2012


Maybe because the sun comes in so bright & makes everything look so bright, but dark walls are defiantly out, been there done that lol but lighting up the yellow made a huge difference,yea I’m talking about the sewing room again lol! We went antiquing this past weekend & there was a room that just drew me in lol! as I walked around I’d come back to that room, humm what was it that drew me to that room

the first thing I noticed was the curtains were the exact fabric I have to make my curtains


I thought this was ribbon but it’s actually fabric & toil tied to a strand of lights didn’t know I got hubby in my shot lol! 100_5395 is this not the sweetest? my it’s just a bookcase with fabric tacked to it,there's a bookcase at my father-n-laws just waiting for me to come get it lol! 100_5392 I’m not sure what lured me to this room lol! perhaps the curtains reminding me to finish my window treatments, perhaps the pink, perhaps the lights, after  all lights at Christmas makes everything all better so perhaps that’s it! lol!

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Prims and Annies said...

I have been waiting so long to see the curtains. I loved the fabric when you posted it some time ago. Your craft room is so inviting and cheery... I would love to just go in and relax and enjoy instead of working. Bookcase is a good idea too. If I had known that I was going to be in crafting and shows for over 12 years, I would have done my room differently.
Hope you have a really great day!
Smiles and huggs