Tuesday, October 23, 2012



To_do_list : marker writing a to do list at the notebook

do you make list? how about a list of the list lol! it’s down to crunch time,less than two weeks till time to set up for my two day Christmas show, everything from last year was sold &  except a handful of things



   that’s a good thing except when it gets down to crunch time lol! I do have some nakies running around that just needs tweaking so I’m not completely having to start from scratch,I have my list lol I can just Maurine shaking her head lol anyways I have broke it own to hard,med. easy,quick , hard  meaning takes a long time like JOJO,  JOJO   she’s fun to make & turns out fantastic but boy is those fingers, toes & hair a hoot! but she will be introduced to the show this year & the traditional with all those dresses, bloomers, aprons, rick rack,buttons, hair oh my !are time consuming,plus Andy will be with her


I’m introducing quite a few new items this year, so how long is this crunch time? 13 days!would you like to be with me in my sewing room these next 13 days & see what all’s going on? there’ll be lots to share that’s for sure!

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