Friday, February 8, 2013



I came across a hat that I’d bought a few years back, I think my girl likes it don’t you? lol! the friend that gave her to me said she needed some cloths on under that apron so I borrowed one of hubby shirts , shhhhh!

I painted one of the cubby cases a creamy white, I love it! looks like marshmallow cream , I pulled my Raggedy Ann  collection out & have been playing around trying to get it all arranged in here, still a bit to go on this project


do you have things that are so ugly that they’re cute? says my sister-n-law lol! She had found the big one back a few years ago, then two or so years later found the little one they make me laugh & they bring a smile when I think how she cared to go looking for that special something to go in my collection


no it’s not Christmas, but what do you suppose is going to happen in this corner? there’s also a story behind the dishpan as well as the chair coming later


on the other side in this corner, there’s going to be something in this chair lol! I put together this quilt  some years back to use as a display for my shows,


out of all the homespun fabrics I have seen through the years I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it in this yummy brown, when I seen it at JoAnn’s I just have to have some


have you ever had a wall that wasn’t cooperating? just not working? the wall beside the cubby is giving me fits, I want shelves but the nails waller out, now mind you this is the same wall I had my quilt rack with a shelf “heavy” so what’s up with that? lol!

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