Friday, February 22, 2013


Handmade by Heidi

I just noticed Heidi posted  the Fri Night Sew In

you know it’s always coming around this time every month lol but I just didn’t think about it & now I’m too pooped  to think about sewing tonight,  my book & my bed are calling me even now as I type lol! but if you’re still up & have any energy left you can get in on it !

I have been working on some aprons & trying  to figure out how to put a link for sewing room pictures on my side bar,  you know how some has “where I create”, “my sewing room” …photo bucket wont let me make collages for some reason & Picnike has  went out of business, I searched for Picasa & they’re missing,hopefully I can figure this out soon

I came across this on Pinterest & it made me laugh because I can relate lol!


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