Saturday, March 23, 2013


Did you have a productive day for Fri Night Sew In? did you sew? did you craft? did you get started good? did you finish something? what did you do? I was on a good roll working on a blouse for a challenge I signed up for


got it almost completed, was so proud  of my princess seams lol! lets just say the key word to this challenge is fitted & it fitted to tight lol so starting over  on that  so moving right along , onto the evening I decided to work on my trip around the world quilt, laid out my strips I had cut strips01

sewed 6 together then fold & sew down one side creating  tube



then trim up the edge & cut into 2 1/2 strips then find the seam ripper, no you didn’t make a mistake lol!quilt10

you then begin to undo the first row ,you didn’t backstitch so it comes out really easy


easy then open it up


now proceed with the second square, then the third & so on quilt07

see how they are beginning to line line up?I love these colors together


then just sew your strips together to make your block, this is my first block I did a few weeks back,quilt05

in my spare time ha ha! that’s  a funny word around here lol! I cut my strips & keep them in a jar so I’m always ready to put  some blocks together “when I have time” lol!


most quilts take 2 1/2” blocks so my fabric strip collection can be used for more than just the trip around the world quilt,the patterns are endless!

to see more of who had fun on Fri Night lol! be sure to visit Heidi over at

Handmade by Heidi




Val Spiers said...

I love your round the world block. Good idea to keep handy things handy. There are about 20 handy things across my sewing table though your jar does look very neat. I haven't sewn clothes for ages now. You can always add another border to a quilt block. Not so easy with a blouse. Thanks for the tutorial on the block.

Marilyn said...

Lovely block. I am making the scrappy trip around the world quilt - very slowly I might add. Just when I have nothing else I want to do. (Nothing - that is a silly word to use I will NEVER have nothing else I want to do.)