Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Well I finally brought down & decided to give the tinting jar craze a try lol!, I’ve seen a lot of different tutorials & I’ve seen nice jars & not so nice jars lol! so first which jars do I want, jelly jars, cheese whiz jar, honey jar……..


I used a matt modge podge, this little bottle was on sale so that’s why I choose it, not sure if this kind made a difference but I had no streaks , I used a pink wilton paste food coloring


I mixed 3 Tab.spoons water to the smallest on my measuring spoon set of coloring, stir till dissolved, then to that add 1/2 cup of the modge podge


I put about 4-5 spoons (Plastic ) into my jar & swished it around then tilted it over the bowl as I twirled it round & round till the whole jar was covered, does that makes sense? should I say twist lol1 think of turning a screwdriver , did that help? lol! I lined  a baking sheet with foil then with paper towels & turned them upside down for about 10 in or till they stop dripping


then turn right side up for a few min, wipe off excess on rim, turn oven to 180 & place jars right side up on foil or parchment paper lined baking sheet & bake 25 min or till dry, I did mine 30 min


they started turning  this beautiful pink after about 15 min, when time was up I cut the oven off & let them cool down in the oven another 20 min then took them out, see the difference in the color?


I can see a ring in the bottoms here,but I had high hopes for them the next morning lol, so morning has sprung! lookie! no streaks! yea me! 625649_2940706092293_1952726253_n[1]

& yea to the great tutorial I went by which you can find here

I believe this one is my favorite, I think it’s because it’s the last of the jars I first made jelly with so many years ago


these turned out perfect, there's’ still a tiny tiny ring around the bottoms but with supply's in the jars you can’t see it, also this method is not water proof, but that's ok no water going into mine lol! so now I’m playing with ideals of how to arrange them with my crafting supply's


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