Monday, May 27, 2013


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We just  talked to Heather & seen Reece , he really keeps his eyes on Heather lol! they said he did really good leaving the orphanage,it is 1:00 am our time but around 2:00pm Mon. evening for them so as we're sleeping or trying too lol! they're just getting a good start on their day, please continue to lift them up when you pray, I knew from the start that Gods hedge of protection was all around them as always but just to show you how God works to take that to the next level, they met a couple from Tenn. who is staying in the same hotel, a few doors down, who is also adopting a little boy from the same orphanage, they have become good friends & have been to supper & will celebrate Reece's 3rd birthday while they are there, thank you Jesus ! for putting this couple in my daughter & son-N-laws path to make this journey in a foreign land a little less stressful!God is good!

they found something they could identify  at Walmart lol!


their meat department is like an open market, kinda takes you by surprise  


from Heathers FB post… It's fun to shop in Wal-Mart when you can't identify half the stuff in there.... made for an interesting day of trying to guess what it all was.. some things were obvious.. like the huge pig skin that was the face of the pig.. it had a snout....the whole chicken hanging bare beside the pig face...  

their Walmart has an upstairs, 947348_4504356782135_2137399859_n[1]

from Heathers FB post…Oh the Walmart in China has a upstairs.. you go up a escalator but it's not stairs. it's flat so you can carry your buggy with you. That was pretty cool. 

they will be in China for two more weeks, all week the twins have been asking.. have they got Reece yet lol! oh how excited they will be tomorrow ! my oldest daughter asked me where were we before cell phones, computers, I-phones, Skype & web cams lol!

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