Friday, July 12, 2013


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Welcome to my sewing room, here you will find me either sewing, crafting, painting, quilting & sometimes just daydreaming having my morning coffee lol!

the corner where it all happens lol!


the cross stitched hoops were made my my sister ,the raggedies on the ends are crackeled I purchased at a craft show years ago, the others are form my sister-n-law through the years


over ten years of collecting Raggedy &Andycreate02

quilt blocks I’m working on  for a trip around the world quilt


every town we go to Hubby finds a hardware store & gets me a yard stick, I’m getting quite a collection


yummy fabrics waiting to be turned into something cute for the sew your own wardrobe for a year challenge



homespuns for my raggedies, Belindy was made by a sweet friend


yes you saw a tree & no it’s not Christmas lol I belong to a craft forum ( Prim Mart) & this is 5 years worth of Christmas ornie swaps & this isn't all, I’m missing a box lol!I like them out because they make me smile





what men wont do lol! hubby bought this puzzle  way back & took it to work & all they guys worked on it during breaks lol!




I seen on Pinterst  a tutorial ,how to tint jars, I loved the results, the 2 aprons on the left I found at antique malls, the one on the right was originally a curtain panel & I turned it into an apron


Clarice is one happy gal in her new gown, I’m glad I painted the shutter green, the white just wasn’t happening for the gown


just enough room for a sweet space between the two closets





my teapot collection


a few ornies I’m working on for this years Christmas show


it’s hard to get an all overview of the room so after the sun went down a little I went back in & stood inside the closet  to get a better shot




be sure to visit My Dessert Closet for more fabulous studios


Judy McCarthy said...

You have a lovely friendly workable space.very nice.

Carmen said...

Your dolls are wonderful! I used to have a Raggedy Ann doll when I was little... thanks for sharing your craft space! :-)

Marlynne said...

Such an interesting tour of your studio! I love Raggedys Too! I think you'd enjoy my blog too! Similar interests!

Faye Lewis said...

Your sewing room is very unique. Just the place to inspire you to create.

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE your beautiful creative space!! First of all, I collect dolls of all kinds. I also make them, and I rescue them when I see the need to! ...such as garage/rummage sales packing up, and the owner says I'll take any offer.. It's all just going in the garbage anyway".... Oh no.. No dollies get thrown out if I can help it! (0; I have a small collection of Raggedy Ann dolls, and not too long ago, just got my FIRST Raggedy Andy!!! I was VERY excited about that! But now I see your Belindy doll, and I'd love to have one like her too! I'll have to watch for a pattern for her.. or for where I can buy one AT A REASONABLE PRICE. (I couldn't believe my eyes at what prices were being asked for, for the vintage ones sold on ebay!!)... Oh, but anyways... Loved your teapot collection. I have a small collection of those too! In fact the top middle rose tea pot looks much like one I have too!... Love your tree too!! I think it's WONDERFUL that you keep it up all year! Why NOT?! It's beautiful!!... Thanks for sharing your creative space! I really enjoyed my visit here!! ~tina

StasaLynn said...

What a warm and inviting sewing room. I love your quilts and love love love your way of storing your cutting mat. I believe that is better than just keeping mine out like I do. I love the colors of your space and your dolls are so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing your space.... Take care!

Connie said...

Dear Nanna, I am so very happy to meet you. I love your sewing projects. I just purchased a new machine and I'm delighted for the inspiration you have given me :) I am your newest follower, please visit and follow me back. I am having a give-a-way at the moment and all followers are getting their names thrown in the hat, all you have to do is leave a comment.
Have a wonderful week,
Your new blogging sister,Connie :)
P.S. Do you have a tutorial post for those lovely little dress forms at the top of your blog?

Rita Barakat said...

Yay for you and your tree!I cannot sew so I admire those who create such neat things this way! Love all your dolls from you and your sisters they must hold such sweet memories! TFS!

Sandra Kaye said...

Love your bright happy colors of your space. I do everything you do..quilting and journaling seem to be my craft of choice of late. Thanks for sharing:):)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great sewing room! I love all the fabrics you have on display. Always a great inspiration for projects on its own!

CATHY said...

Clarice's dress is lovely! Your studio looks like you can have hours of fun creating in there. Cheers from singapore.

Carole said...

Wonderful sewing projects. Love all that material too and your dolls are adorable.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Nanna, So nice to meet you. Your creative space is wonderful and heaven for a sewer. Love the neatly arranged fabrics. You are so organized too. Love your dolls. Such sweet faces. And your dress form header is awesome.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
Have a great week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie Design

Maureen said...

Thank you for the lovely tour! You had me laughing out loud at the hubby/jigsaw puzzle story... omg I wonder what the heck the comments must have been when they were putting it together! Hilarious!

I love all the Raggedy Ann and Andys. I had them when I was very small - oh how I wish I still had them!

Love your dress forms and teapot collections too - so many lovely things to see! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You have a pretty creative space and I love the dolls you created and the organization of your studio.
Thank you so much for visiting my own creative space and for your kind comments.


Kathy said...

I adore those little dress forms on your header and I understand just what you mean about being a place where sometimes you just daydream. Thank you for the tour!

Romeo said...

What a wonderful sewing room!!! And you are adventurous - sew your own clothing for a year?!?! WOW! I am impressed! Of course looking at all your other creations, it would seem you are more than qualified for this!!!! Your room is welcoming and we really appreciate you letting us take a peek. Better watch that little Raggedy Ann ornie with the polka dot dress....Romeo is a bit too interested in that one ;)

"her" and Romeo

Glenda said...

Fabulous room. I love all your bits,especially the teapot collection. I have a collection back in NZ, packed with all our other things that didnt come to Australia with us and haven't made it into a suitcase every time we go back :-) My sister took the teapot that was my Mums that was used daily, that I planted up and had on my doorstep and she is looking after it for me. Thanks for coming by, this is fun. I am going to do it next year too.

Graceful Rose said...

What a pretty sewing room with all the Raggedy Anns and Andy's to keep you company. I love your teapot collection. Thanks for visiting me!

Jennifer LaVite said...

I love your pretty space. The colors are very inspiring. I had to laugh because it is first thing in the morning and I am drinking my coffee while looking at your space. Thanks for visiting mine!

Susan Clayton said...

Love the feeling of homey comfort you've created. Thanks for visiting!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I haven't seen a yard stick for many, many years. Brings back memories of my mother sewing. I love your collection of Raggedy Ann dolls. Your sewing space looks so interesting. I know I'd enjoy spending time in there.

Something Special said...

I love the Raggetys and the colorful dress forms on candlesticks you do. Thanks for the tour!

Chris Flynn said...

What a lovely space to create in! I'm loving your dolls, coat hangers, and amazing creativity! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm going to be keeping up with your postings!
hugs from California!