Tuesday, October 1, 2013





has life got you so busy, it seems there’s not enough “me time” it does me but in a good way, as I sit here typing this post I have a 3 yr old grandson waiting on my arrival to go to the Zoo today with him & mommy this morning lol! so it’s all good! I came across this Bloggers Quilt Festival this morning & thought humm could I finish my quilt if I sign up, could this be the fire that sparks a finish? lol!

here are the categories

  • Favorite baby quilt
  • Favorite throw quilt
  • Favorite scrappy quilt
  • Favorite group/bee quilt
  • Favorite two color quilt
  • Favorite ROYGBIV (color wheel) quilt
  • Favorite applique quilt
  • Favorite hand quilted quilt
  • Favorite home machine quilted quilt
  • Favorite professionally quilted quilt
  • Favorite quilt photographer
  • Favorite art quilt
  • Favorite doll/mini quilt
  • Favorite wall hanging 

I’m just a few blocks away from finishing up my scrappy quilt & who knows there may be hope for the quilt that’s been in the closet for a few years lol! with less than seven weeks show time will be upon me, it takes a lot to do a 2 day show especially when it runs 9-9 I’m gonna miss these guys but I know they are in loving homes lol! humm seven weeks, surely I can whip up some more, we’ll see!

I do great every year so I’ve got to get a  fire under me & get busy but today I must go to the Zoo lol!

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