Wednesday, April 16, 2014


  for those that do craft shows, are  you ready? how soon  do you start getting ready? how many shows do you do ? for over 15 years I had done six to to nine a year, now narrowing it down to one which  is my huge two day show in Nov. & will do  a few more from time to time if time allows


do you have favorite patterns that you use every year? how much “new”  do you introduce each year? I think JOJO that’s what I named her lol! is one of my favorite raggedy’s to make


one year I got in a hurry making JOJO  & forgot to  add the pattern extensions to her body, she still turned out adorable & became JOJO’s little sister


do you have a favorite pattern company? I’m always on the lookout for new patterns, here are a few links you may enjoy

I’ve noticed through the years that my customers are drawn to Raggedys that come with something like Annie& her  quilted heart 


or Annie with her bear, so I’m making note of that & making sure I have more to offer this year


I have 20 dress’s for this Annie cut out lol! I always try to have everything done, priced & packed a week before Showtime so that gives me roughly around 214 days but when you cut out the weekends that gives around 154 days lol! so I’m taking inventory of my patterns, deciding what would be best to start on first


as I go through pictures of things I made last year, I’m taking note what all has more steps, longer drying time etc. take  the cardinals for example


  • bodies painted & dried ,wings painted & dried then sewn on, eyes painted & dried, then beak painted & dried, then  bead eyes & wings sewn on, lightly grunged, add string for hanging

bagged & priced whew! are you tired yet? lol!


yes they take a little time but so worth it


we’re having crazy weather here so I’m going take advantage of warm but breezy days to work on things that need to dry outside, nothing worse than trying to dry something painted in 100 degree weather, it’s enough to make snowmen melt!


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