Monday, August 17, 2009


Welcome to our new addition to Nanna's Place, if this is your first visit we hope that you will come again, Nanna's Raggedys-n-Prims is where you'll find what's happening over at Nanna's Treasures, show updates,craft tips & anything & everything to do with our Raggedys & Prims

We all go through tons of laundry detergent, ever wonder what you could do with those caps?

They are perfect for large or small paint jobs, can even use one for water to clean the brush out, mixing paint colors, they are also good for tracing those perfect sized circles we use in so many projects, the ideas are endless, so rethink the use of that cap before tossing out that jug

Now last but not least we can't forget the old faithful paper plate who had stood by us through thick & thin, yes they are still good for those tiny projects where we need just a touch of paint, so be sure to keep a few around, after all they do hold our sandwich when we need to take a break

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thanks for the tip;
I'll go get the lid from the one I just put in waste basket. LOL
You are a genius to think of that.. i use old styrofoam trays from frozen dinners and such.. but a bottle cap takes up less room and then a " throw-away :.