Monday, August 24, 2009


Welcome, we're so glad you stopped by, It's been a while since we've seen you, the old gallbladders been acting up again, went to a specialist & yea you guessed it! surgery! oh me ! oh my! long story short if it's possible, 4 yrs ago I have an attack, go to ER, the want surgery but my Dr says no, stay in hospital 3 days testing sooo in the course of 4 yrs of having attacks the specialist says it's put a strain on my gallbladder & stomach plus he read off things in my chart from the hospital that we had no idea such as for 4 yrs I had no idea I had a hernia sooooooo I don't get the simple snatch it out the navel & go home treatment , there's the hernia to deal with, the gallbladder to deal with plus all this strain has caused my stomach to droop so it gets to get wrapped around my esophagus & 2 days in the hospital , I will go in on the 31st for the light & the 2nd for surgery,I am trying to get my blogs set up to pre post but we'll see how that goes


Debra said...

Oh Gosh Helen! You will certainly feel better when you get this done!
I will say prayers for you!

The Olde Country Cupboard said...

hope you are feeling better. Good luck on your surgery, you will feel much better. My friend had the same thing and is feeling good again.