Monday, September 14, 2009


Thanks for all the sweet concerns, & the prayers it's been a rough week but getting better, had a longer stay than expected, after surgery when the were pulling the tube out they said I coughed at the wrong time which caused pulmonary edema which is rare in every 200 which landed me in ICU for a few days, my blood pressure kept dropping, my breathing kept getting too shadow for them , high temps, almost set up pneumonia,among other things, I am so thankful there is a God that watches over me when I am not able to reach out for help, a one day simple surgery turned out to be a 4 day night mare, they wanted to keep me an extra 2 days but let me go home if I promised to drink a lot of fluids but I tell ya , it's hard to do as they also fixed a hernia & repaired it while they were in there, 2 sips & I'm full which is not good,lol something as simple as eating jello wears me down but I'm a lot better than where I was 4 days ago

it's so good to be back in my comfort zone

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