Wednesday, November 11, 2009


what a month! with surgery, then turning right around taking care of my mom & my dad being in the hospital with double pneumonia, then landing back in the ER, still having a few problems but gotta push on LOL I did get all my ornies off in the mail for my ornie swap, whoo! hoo!

I have a big 2 day Christmas show coming up less than 2 weeks so taking it slow so I can be able to make that , if you are in the Pleasant Grove Ala. area come on out to the Pleasant grove Baptist church where we'll be Fri. Nov 20th 9am-9m & then back on Sat 9am-4pm

Here are a few pictures as we were setting up at a previous show, I was so glad to have my friend Debbie go with us as when we got there my knee flared up & I was in such serve re pain I couldn't stand on it all day I guess form not having the time to re coop from gallbladder & hernia surgery dunno but that's why I'm taking it slow getting ready for this next one LOL
these Annies will alos be available through the website

The rolling pins behind my table are not mine, they're the booth beside me, as you can tell I didn't feel good, I took pictures before everything was out LOL

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