Tuesday, December 15, 2009


What a sad looking closet, lol it looks like the isles at Hobby Lobby, on the other hand the living room looks like Christmas has exploded all over the place LOL I can't even think of what all's in the shed for the yard LOL, today is a taste of what we'll be decorating & as each room gets finished see if you can spy things you saw in this post, there's 9 rooms to get ready

1. little sitting room
2.laundry area
6.sewing room
7.living room
8.guest room
9. office

hummm what all's in this bag & what will I do with it ''hint" keep your eye on the front door LOL

I love red so naturally there's 2 totes LOL

awww the prim tote, since I changed the kitchen to a more prim look the rustic tree will go in the kitchen

Love my little snow kids, could keep them out all year! LOL
one of few things I've been able to hold on to all these years, this is from Home Interiors & I've had it since the 70's & is still just as beautiful & meaningful as it was the day I bought it

through the years hubby has collected snowmen, everybody got him snowmen for Christmas, you could say that the snowmen are taking over the house LOl so this year they get front & center stage as I will try my best to turn the living room into a winter wonderland

the office will be done in greens, I'm thinking of adding some golds this year but we'll see, don't like my trees being too fancy LOL

so let the games begin LOL, there's light's to be strung, garlands to be hung, pillows to be fluffed,cookies to be baked, invites to be sent out , so be sure to check back often as we go from room to room preparing for our tour of lights party!

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