Friday, December 4, 2009


Hello to all our sweet blogger friends & family! yes the question asked these days , will it ever be Christmas at Nanna's LOL, we've been busy catching up on a few things around here like finally getting the carpet down, painting the house, sorry to all those further North but yes it's still warm enough to paint here LOL but now it's time to make Christmas come alive at Nanna's house, I must be getting old & trying to go back to my childhood lol do you remember the silver tinsel, I began to ponder if they still made that stuff lol hubby asured me they dont make it anymore so don't waste the gas lOl well I was out & about yesterday with a friend when lo & behold there it was! all silver & shinny!! he was so excited all he could do was shake his head HA! HA! anyways there's 9 rooms to decorate, tons of trees to get up oh & the outside, then our tour of lights party whew! the big plans are to give you a taste of Christmas at Nanna's as each day goes by

remember the sewing room project? well it's all done except turning that fabric into curtains LOL but it will get to join in on our Christmas tour, we believe! LOL

last year we put the white tree with all reds in the kitchen, this year the prim will go in the kitchen & the white well I dunno yet LOL

here's just a taste of the house, this side is all done, matter of fact it's all done except the roof, porch & trim, can't wait to show you the finished look with all the lights &decorations

so do you believe it will ever be Christmas at Nanna's click those heels together & say it with us "I do believe! I do believe!" LOL LOL

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yeah!! Good for you,, I mean Helen..LOL So it's gonna be Christmas after all... not in Missouri... Santa doesn't know I've moved from Michigan.. shhhhh don't tell.
Is that a red house I see... I love it...
well Merry Christmas to you all in Alabama!!