Friday, January 8, 2010


That's right! It's time for pictures! We will start in the living room to get you started LOL

I'm getting attached to these snowmen, it'll be hard to take them to my show if I don't pack them away soon LOL they were lots of fun to make, may have to make more LOL, I love this pillow that looks like ole timey stitchery, I found it at the dollar store a
few years go for just $3 on clearance

this little tree nestled in the corner beside the love holds just a few of hubby's snowman ornament collection, the fat snowmen are a Christmas gift from my niece from a few years back

this guy is my favorite of all the snowmen, I found him a few years back at the Christmas Village in Birmingham Ala, I only walked passed him what seemed a t00 times before I finally wrote the check LOL!

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