Monday, January 4, 2010


Just a short note to let you know I haven't forgotten you want to see pictures! LOL LOL, this past week we had to rush dad back out to the hospital, he had gotton the pneumonia again, but the Dr caught it before it got as bad as it did the last time, as it's only been right at a month that he was in for nearly three weeks, he went in last Wed. & got to come home today!

Hopefully everything is back to normal now, if there is such a thing LOL & I'll be able to catch back up with the Christmas pictures

Then it's time to hit the sewing room ohh speaking of sewing room, weren't you waiting to see the new look? LOL ok I've made a note to self on that LOL

I've got lots of new Spring & Easter creations that I can't wait to get started on & share with you, Sept, kicks off our first show of the new year, I know that seems like a long ways off but trust me! it's just around the corner! LOL!

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