Monday, June 7, 2010


A dear Friend got me started on collecting buttons a few years ago, not for sewing mine you, you're not allowed to play or sort these buttons! LOL these are buttons that call your name when you walk by, the ones that have that certain look, you know the ones, the collectors bunch LOL as you can see they are in about every room in my house LOL

these are next to my hutch in the kitchen sitting inside an antique Pepsi crate

these sit on a little shelf under the Pepsi crate, the yellow buttons seem to just make the jar & I knew I needed them LOL

these are on the other side of the hutch,the sign has a cute story behind it too, the lady who owned the shop told us she was best friends & grew up with the little girl that is on the sunbeam bread sign

this jar shares a space with many other antique treasures on my dresser, it is one of those that have 3 shelves on each side

I love these three , they are full of beautiful browns & brown tones, goes great on my antique sectary hutch in the little sitting room

these are nestles on a shelf in the office, they are in an antique coffee jar

there's more through out the house , some that's yet to find that perfect spot for,now that I've got this post together I wantta go on a button hunt LOL


Mamaws Creations and Bear Mountain Prims said...

Love all your buttons being displayed!!

Bette said...

Wow, that is some collection of buttons!

I only save the very old buttons.