Wednesday, May 26, 2010


That's a question I often ask myself too LOL when the sewing room was painted a mustard like yellow with the green trim, there was jut something about it that made me not want to be in there, maybe it was the green trim throwing me off, maybe the yellow in the fabric on the yellow walls , all I knew was I was losing my mojo LOL, maybe it was leaning too much toward Chic than prim LOL oh well the wait has been long enough , when you've got over 12 yards of fabric you should do something with it right? LOL so I've decided to pull in more colors to tone down the yellow on yellow

I pulled out my dollhouse like bookcase & decided to use it in the sewing room,I'm going through a if ya got it use it kind thing LOL, see that green trim? maybe I'll paint it white LOL

I had 2 of these, with most of my fabrics in them,one had to go to make more room since I turned everything around, thinking about painting it pink & making green squares outta the green fabric for the shelves, the tree on top will be loaded with ornies from 2 ornie swaps

my hubby's childhood toy box has either been in the closet or just stuck somewhere through the years, another case of if you got it use it! LOL sooo I Incorporated it into my sewing room, my little bunnies I purchased from Hobby Lobby makes me smile so I decided they could stay out all year round, who made the law bunnies are just fro Easter anyway? LOL

there's a lot more to this little room, so stay tuned for over all pictures once it's all completed, for the crafting part I've been working on Americana this week, every thing's about ready for pictures, the sewing room looks like an Americana bomb went off LOL , Annie's, Andy's ,wreaths, pillows, there's even a rag quilt being put together LOL

till next time, happy crafting!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Sweet post today Nanna....I know what you are saying about a 'color' making the mood - I like that you are going to tone it all down with the fabrics.
Love the yellow printed Cabbage Rose fabric.
I had a set of comfortors, shams, curtains of the same fabric (well it was so similar it's hard to tell). I got it at Kmart years ago (a Martha Stewart design). Love the print yet today although I don't have it anymore.

I also love the bunnies...I like anything out that makes me smile...that's what all our 'treasures' are about - right?

Waiting to see the transformation.

Tanya said...


I love viewing other gals creative space and yours looks soooooooo inviting! I think that something as simple as painting the trim white would make a huge difference for you.

I can't wait to see all your Americana items, but esp. the rag quilt, I'm partial to those!

I'm in the midst of having an Americana give~away, so come on over when you get a chance.