Tuesday, May 11, 2010


LOL I was dragging out some unfinished projects, trust me there's a lot! LOL anyways I was thinking about a quilt that I had started with my Aunt a few years back, she often ask if I ever finished it, she even gave me her quilting frame which is over 100 yrs old & takes up a whole room, anyways I was thinking humm I do need to get that quilt out but I think I shall finish it on a hoop LOL so I pulled it out of the closet & spread it across the bed to let you see how sweet it is

here's a closer look, pulling it out brings back sweet memories of when she brought that quilting frame to my house & we set up in the living room for a few days working on this quilt, I never will forget her asking for a flashlight & going up under the frame & askign where's your stitches! LOL LOL I wasn't poking my needle through deep enough LOL LOL

yes indeedie I think I shall work on this a little each day, then go for a visit & show her it is finish, I know she'll be so proud, I know I will be! LOL LOL oh & to make sure to show her all the stiches on the other side! LOL LOL

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