Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well it finally happened, I ran out of muslin, embroidery thread , you name it, there was not enough to keep my creative juices flowing LOL but not to worry I cam e home with 5 yards of muslin & other supplies yesterday so let the games begin! LOL
I thought I'd share a great blog that I've recently came across

she is hosting a Handmade blog party on Sundays
by adding your link to Mr Linky you'll be able to visit many talented people who made handmade items as well as draw them to your blog
this is a great way to meet & make new friends as well as promote your blog
so go by & check it out
you will have to scroll down to her May 1st post for the blog party post & info
I've been trying to get a lot of unfinished things finished up , you know , eyes here, an apron there, a face or two LOL the samrt chip in my camera has died, where it should take 1000 pictures it now takes 3 LOL LOL so I'm working on that too so I can show you what I've been doing, I have droped the hint for a new camera LOL

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Tanya said...

Oh that sounds like fun!

You have been a busy bee too!

Can't wait to see more!