Saturday, April 24, 2010


Have you heard the news? A Primitive Place is introducing their new magazine which will come out in Aug.of this year, just look at this cover, isn't it just prim/country yummy! LOL , so be sure to go by for more info.

seems like I've been running here, there & everywhere lately & when I feel the need to get down to business making my prim Annie's, you know the ones you have to get down & dirty with LOL! it comes up a storm as it is doing today, LOL!

Do you ever get brain storms? bright ideas? well I had one the other day, thought hummm I'll have a finger/toes week, meaning anything involving fingers/toes I'll work on & get out of the way,oh my gosh! just the new pattern I just bought with the mama, & 2 baby's & goose alone has , well you add it up, it makes me faint just thinking about it LOL LOL then I thought , there's a few Santa's that have fingers, there's a few Annie's even an Andy or two, yea this may be more of a fingers & toes month instead of a week LOL LOL, show time is fast approaching, Sept. seems afar off but trust me it's coming down the road at 100 miles an hour so I'd better get back to the sewing room while the light's still on LOL!

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