Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What's for supper? How about some good ole crow pie LOL there's still a few finishing touches to add like pip berry's & a tag that says crow pie but here's a look at one of our featured show items for 2010, I haven't made them since I had an order for 30 a few years ago, yep 30! whew! each one will come with an antique pie pan

LOL I noticed the scale says one, that's a lot of pie! LOL Americana is beginning to be very popular among my customers so I will pick back up making this Americana wreath

as I was going through pictures & reflecting back as to what has been good sellers in the past, I came across my Annie I call Rags, she is made with a traditional Raggedy Ann pattern & her hair is made of tea stain muslin strips, she's so cute I just gotta bring her back LOL

September may seem a far off but it will be here before we know it, there's still lots of sewing, stuffing, staining, painting, sawing, sanding & Lord knows what all else to do LOL my goal for my ornies this year is to have a 6ft tree full , there will be rag quits introduced this year, at least one! LOL, my goal for 2010 i to have the best shows ever so means triple the work! LOL


Tanya said...

You and I both need a couple more pair of arms to get all the sewing done we need to do. LOL

Your crow pie is the cutest! I've never seen one made like that before. It's really different and cute, but can't imagine making 30 of them! YOU GO GIRLIE, LOL!

Here's wishing you lots of hrs. to get everything done!


Nanna said...

Thanks Tanya, they were unfinished,all she had to do was stain & grunge them up, yes show time will be here before I know it, I love looking at You Are Special's show pictures for insperartion