Friday, April 2, 2010


Good news! It's been about 7-8 weeks since I dislocated my pinkie, when I went back yesterday, the X rays showed that the bone was actually fusing back together as well as the torn tendons, he said I could take the splint off but to still baby it & wear it at night or when I'm doing something like housework etc. & that if it starts to droop back over to come back, ohhh isn't God good!

so it'll be back to the sewing room full speed ahead here pretty soon, I received a new pattern in the mail the other day & let me tell you she's one big ole gal! I thought there was only one baby in her lap but there's two! plus a goose, sure hope my pinkie is up to the challenge LOL LOL

just look at all those fingers & toes! LOL by the time this is over with hubby wont know which one of us to hang up to dry! LOL LOL


Tanya said...

You are too funny Helen! I'm so glad your pinkie is all better!

That looks like one big dollie, but boy is she cute!

I just posted yesterday some dollies I made in the past if you want to take a peek. I love making them too, but they are time consuming!

You go girl! LOL

Have a great Easter!

Tanya ~

Anonymous said...

Hoping that your pinkie will soon be all better. Cute new dolly you'll be working on! I love it.

Prims and Annies said...

I have the same pattern - have had it for several months - I love it...but..when I look at it I feel overwhelmed...maybe one day I will tackle it. My first craft show this year is Labor day are right it will be here before we are ready. So glad you are back to work with all fingers.

KKL Primitives said...

WOW - what a great pattern!!! Have you started on this yet???