Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well, it'll be another two weeks for wearing the pinkie splint, I think he's trying to wear me down to surrendering to surgery LOL, it's showing signs of healing but not fast enough for him, anyways I shall not think about that for now LOL LO

I've finally caught up with adding things on the side bar as well as some great primitive links, it's starting to look like areal blog! whoo hoo! this one seems to get the back burner sometimes as the other one has been going for over 5 yrs.

The pink headed Annie I made for my niece a few weeks back will be available by custom order only for $50 through my website

Sept. seems far away for the moment but it will be fast upon us before we know it as it will be time for our first show in Winfield Ala.this has been a big show for us for the last 6 years , we have a lot of repeat customers, a lot of camera snappers as we are a site to behold LOL

I have a lot of new patterns I'm anxiously waiting to try out, I'm doing my best that 9 fingers will let me do for now LOL Hubby is a good sport about helping with the stuffing, it only takes a few slaps on the hand before he finally gets it right LOL but as long as he can bring his western movies into my sewing room he's a happy camper, we actually sat in there all day one day & sewed up 30 traditional Raggedy Ann bodies for all sizes, whew! needless to say they're still naked LOL so that's a good project to finish up in it's self! should I try to teach him to sew? LOL

this picture is one I decided would go on the homepage of my website, doing it in the sepia blended well with my primitive new look for the site


Tanya said...

How cute are all your dollies! I've made a few over the yrs. and they do take time!

I hope your pinkie is on the mend soon! I stubbed my pinkie toe last summer real bad and thought it was broken. It still hurts now & then and that was months ago!

Have a great week and thanks for your comments on my site too!

Prims and Annies said...

I hope your pinkie has healed and you are back to creating and getting ready for those fall craft shows. We have cut our shows down to 3 in the fall. The older I get the slower I move. Most people don't realize the time involved in making a doll and it takes all year for me to get enough made for 3 shows. Good luck on teaching your hubby to sew. We also have wood crafts and I am teaching my husband to sand,stain and polyurathane trash bins, potato bins and bread boxes. The biggest challenge is to sand in the direction of the wood. Maybe there is hope...maybe.