Friday, March 5, 2010


Slowly but surely I'm getting there, getting caught up on a few things in the sewing room, I did manage to get an apron in on time for the apron challenge over at Tie One One, even after explaining about the pinkie & how it is just a cutout panel, she enter me none the less, I guess I should have modeled it as it looks like a dress LOL LOL

be sure to check out all the wonderful aprons over at Tie one onyou can get there by clicking the link on my sidebar there's a new apron challenge up be sure to check it out

This sweet little Annie finally made her way to my sweet little niece last night, it was so cute to watch her try to hold her as Annie is almost as big as she is LOL

Now to work on a bunny & a new picture for my websites homepage

Can you guess which one I might use, I'll give you a hint, I don't think it'll be this one LOL LOL I look rough & hubby couldn't get a good picture, maybe I'll try something different in a few days LOL


Prims and Annies said...

I love your black and white apron. I enjoy making anything that is black and white. Even though I am not an apron person I could probably be persuaded to wear one like this. Have a great weekend.

Tanya said...

Hey Helen,

You did a fabulous job creating that apron! You're right, it does look like a dress!

You are a wonderful seamstress and I love all your annies!

cute pic of you!



Love the apron.. but I love the pictures of all your Raggedys and that raggedy doll in the center is a cutie.. can you make me one like that.. LOL

I think it's a good picture.. use it on your Homepage.. go for it !!

You know who !!

Nancy said...

What a great collection of dolls you've got. I like the black apron too!