Friday, February 26, 2010


Morning all you sweet blogger friends! went back for a two week check up on the ole pinkie, so far no surgery whoo ho! not much change but everything is lined up where it needs to be so this is a good thing! have to wear the splint another two weeks then back for another X-ray

Meanwhile I am getting caught up on some things slowly but surely, would sure nuff be slow if I had to have surgery so I'm not complaining, well maybe a little! LOL the first attempt I made was on my Snow angel & her snowman , there's still some finishing touches to add but thought I did pretty good minus one finger LOL

a big thank you to my sweet friend Maurine who challenged me to make her without the help of Mr Pinkie LOL now the pressure's really on as I had planned on entering an apron challenge, a bunny challenge, & whip up something special for my nieces birthday ,all which would be due within the week, whew! so help me out, let me hear it now! go Helen! go Helen! LOL LOL , I can just hear Maurine adding go to the sewing room! LOL


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Bless your heart Helen. Having a pinkie out of commission must be very frustrating. Just typing this comment makes me realize how vital a little pinkie is to typing your post and your crafting. Love your little baby doll angel. She is so sweet!


Tanya said...

Go Helen! Go Helen! LOL

I'd have used that little pinky for my excuse for sure! ha

Your dollie is quite sweet!

Glad it's doing better!

Take Care!
Tanya ~

The Olde Country Cupboard said...

I love her, you did a great job.


Hi Helen:
AAwwwww !!! Are you in the sewing room today??
You better not be out Antiquing without me..

Glad your pinkie is better... now you can sew better.. or sew with less pain...
love ya'