Monday, August 9, 2010


well here it is going into week two of the yuckies, it started with a sore throat, which I'm sure someone at church gave me cooties lol, fever comes & goes, , you'd think after a week it's be gone whatever it is but seems to be getting worse, now with fever still coming & going, I feel drained & coughing, I do pretty good till I go to lay down, then I strangle, the only relief is taking night time NyQuil, cause it knocks my lights out LOL, I'm supposed to be watching 4 grand kids this coming Thur-Sun , plus our pastor is out of town leaving us with the services so I need to get better in a hurry or my daughter will come home from vacation to 4 sick kids LOL & we wont even talk about how close our first show is, like the middle of Sept., hubby say I sound like I'm getting Pneumonia, I sure hope not, I just don't have time for that! LOL, I'll try to keep you posted which way it's going, till then I'm going back to bed LOL


nancy huggins said...

Found a link to you from a comment you left in someones blog and had to check you out since I am also a nana..I enjoyed your blog and have now put you in my blog roll so I can see each time you post a new post :) :)
Come and visit another nana when you have time :)

Pam said...

Oh, My! You need to get better quick. I had a similar illness a few months ago. It really knocked me for a loop. Took a few weeks to get back to normal. Do take care of yourself. Thanks for visiting my blog.