Monday, August 23, 2010


Thanks for all the sweetness shared these past two weeks, I'm feeling much better & getting back to normal, trying to get caught up on some things for our upcoming shows

I'm almost finished with this apron,just need the ties, it's shorter than I wanted it so it may be going to the show with me LOL

finally got my yellow polka dotted dress cut out, finally! something for me! me! me! LOL but I'd better hurry, or it'll be too cool to wear it LOL

somebody just needs a face LOL
there's a sweet couple just just needs a body to call their own LOL they will be brown headed

why do we do it? why do we keep buying new patterns & adding to the "to do" list LOL LOL, it will be a while before I start on another quilt ,but what can I say , Hancock's was having a 99 cent sale on patterns & the quilt book was just to cute to pass up LOL
aren't these apron ornies just the sweetest things?

out of all my newest ornie patterns, I'm leaning toward You Are Special's Reindeer In Flight to work on tonight, there's a good movie coming on at 8:00 tonight ,"Julie & Julia" I always seem to get in on the middle or the ending every time this comes on as this morning it was on midway by the time I discovered it was on so I scrolled the guide & there it was again at 8:00pm so I'll put the spare sewing machine in the living room & it'll be movie night at home & working on reindeers

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